Synopsis: Preludes, a memoire

PRELUDES will delight readers who enjoy a quick and quirky narrative style. With 53 thousand words and 33 chapters, PRELUDES tells the story of an unplanned journey fueled by accidents, coincidences, and strange encounters. A travel memoire laced together with memories and stories of a long ago past, PRELUDES takes you across continents, down dark alleyways, and deep into the most intimate of moments between two people. Travelling for months with no cash, trading my skills for food, a bed, and stories, I was humbled and befriended, double-crossed, and enlightened. With humour and honesty, PRELUDES touches those simple truths that tie us together and inspire us to look beyond the borders of our differences. This is the first of a Trilogy.

Who are my readers?

This is a short memoire, an easy and intriguing read that will interest travellers in general, young, and old. It is a perfect read for long plane trips or bus rides. PRELUDES is also a life story that women of all ages will find engaging and especially women of my generation – born in the 50’s, and it is an inspirational story that will speak to younger women still imagining their futures.

A short bio of a long life: While raising my two kids, I went to school and eventually wrote my Ph.D. thesis, Ordering Chaos, the Canadian Fringe Theatre Phenomenon in 1999. In the 90’s, I was also a writer and director in Fringe theatres, touring across Canada in the summers with my small theatre company. I was a traveller most of my life, I traversed North and Central America by buses and trains, and once by motorcycle, and I have lived and worked in 6 countries. In 2005, the University of British Columbia (UBC) hired me to teach in the English department and I became a “Gypsy Academic’ teaching some semesters at UBC and teaching for a U.S. program called Semester at Sea. I sailed around the world three times and 900 miles up the Amazon River. To celebrate my 50th year, I took a long solitary walk across Northern Spain on an ancient Pilgrimage, I walked for 50 days. Now, I live on a tiny Caribbean island with sandy roads off the coast of Belize where I run a little guest house for tourists and teach online undergraduate courses in Writing and Canadian Studies for the English Dept. at U.B.C. PRELUDES is my first memoire, and the first of a Trilogy.

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