I write about life out of necessity. The need, the pleasure, the compulsion. The obsession to find meaningfulness in the small moments of a life lived. Reliving those moments, reinventing the conversations, re-shaping the past into a present with words brings me into the moment in mysterious ways that excite me. Coupling the sharp focus of writing with the misty auras of memories has become my passion. Inside this coupling resides the meaning behind the truth. Truth is easy, meaningfulness is more difficult to craft.

I declared a state of celibacy with the men in my life. Three years ago. My writing has improved immensely, an interesting coincidence.

Shortly after I became a celibate, I decided to try to dispose of my gender along with my sexuality and become neither female nor male.  At first, I thought about declaring myself androgynous, but the word sounds too much like the name for a dinosaur, and it means you are both male and female. I choose to be neither. So, I became a person. Of course, this is much easier at my age because most of the social constructions of ‘woman’ no longer apply to me. Sexy, beautiful, graceful, pretty, long-legged, clever, devious, scornful, diva (which comes from the Italian term for a Goddess), jealous, sugar-mamma, virgin/whore, mysterious, dangerous, bitch — and my favorit: CUNT.

I have a doctorate, so now I use ‘Dr’. — which has recently become a genderless title.

I gave everything I own away, 3 months ago. Everything except three dead computers and a bunch of wires and hard drives. I don’t have the heart to take them to the dump on this little tropical island. Sometimes giving away everything helps you see what you have.

I’m going to make a sculpture with the dead technology. I will sketch and paint the sculpture as I build it. I got this idea from an art park in Cape Town, all the art was thrown away plastic and so called ‘disposable’ stuff.

The Buddha and the Cactus dance together