Walking …

El Camino de Santiago is an Ancient Pilgrimage that crosses Northern Spain


I walked for fifty days and I passed each day remembering backwards, a day for each year. And every evening I made new friends or found old ones on the way. On the first day of walking I met a young woman from Germany, she was a bit of a mess. She had been lost in the thick fog in the Pyrenees for three days. It was my first day and we spent that evening sharing a table. Our paths never crossed again — until the last day of walking when we both reached Cape Finisterre, the end of the land.

Stick and Door
Follow the yellow shells
Happy to see someone on an early cold morning
I found a friend named Faye from Australia, and we left each other notes to find along the way
This butterfly followed me one morning, or maybe I was following her?
I walked slowly and every once in awhile a fellow pilgrim passed